Creating change from bottles and cans


Creating change from bottles and cans. 


Did you now that the drink containers thrown away in Tasmania make up almost half of Tasmania's litter, by volume - That's more than 270 million drink containers thrown away every year! 

Unfortunately, many of these containers are not recycled and end up in landfill or as litter across the state. To tackle this problem, the Tasmanian Government has announced it will introduce a Container Refund Scheme (CRS) in 2022. This will mean all Tasmanian's will be able to collect their empty drink containers, take them to their local refund point and receive a refund on eligible containers.  

A Container Refund Scheme that creates change from bottles and cans.

A successful Container Refund Scheme (CRS) should be for the good of all Tasmanians, creating positive change for the local community. That means:


A independent, experienced operator with community interest at heart


Profits that go back to the community 


Local job creation, with a focus on Indigenous and other ability workers



Cost efficient operations through an existing network of drop off points


 Increased container recycling in Tasmania



Open participation from Government, Community and Business





Tasmanians return eligible containers

Tasmanians will have access to a number of convenient drop off points, including local sporting hubs, community and charity operated sites, supported by Veolia’s existing network of collection depots.



Each container receives a Government refund of 10c each

The Government contributes 10c for every eligible

container through the Container Refund Scheme.



Refunds go back to the local community

Tasmanians can direct their 10c refund to a nominated Charity,

Sporting or Community Group, with potential to benefit their communities by an estimated $8m each year.



Containers are sorted and recycled

As the Operator, Veolia manages the collection, sorting and recycling of each

container. Veolia has committed to creating at least 100 jobs for locals, with a

focus on indigenous and other ability employment opportunities


Recycle for Good, operated by Veolia

Veolia envisages a scheme that will focus on open and transparent partnerships, which equitably share opportunities for participation in the CRS, across Tasmania, based on five key objectives;


Partnership: Veolia is enthusiastic about the opportunity to address Tasmania’s 29 Local Government Councils, businesses and Community on CRS.


Equality: Maximising CRS participation by all interested parties and regions/towns. 



Accessibility: Providing a readily accessible scheme for the public's convenience, tailored to Tasmanian residents, including access to innovations from the best practice global operations.


Efficiency: Veolia’s existing operations in Tasmania support an efficient cost base for a CRS operation, and maximises the direction of funds and employment opportunities to Community Partners. 


Driving environmental outcomes: We seek the best outcome for Tasmania’s environment and maximising recycling rates. 

World class Reverse Vending Machine technology 


 How it works


eligible containers.

Take them to our Reverse Vending Machine REFUND point.

We’ll DONATE 10c to the Cancer Council on your behalf.

What containers can be saved?

Does your drink container have a specifically marked 10c mark on it? If the answer is yes, then your container can be saved and dropped into our Reverse vending Machine (RVM).

Have a question on our container refund scheme?

Check out these commonly asked questions below:

What is Veolia's vision of for the CRS?

Veolia’s vision is to operate a game-changing Container Refund Scheme (CRS) on behalf of the Government, that is both useful and practical for the environment and community. The ‘Recycle for Good’ scheme is shaped around our mission of improving access to resources, preserving available resources, and replenishing them.

We hold a strong belief that the community should have every opportunity to participate in, and benefit from, the scheme. This includes not ‘over automating’ in order to promote local job creation, especially for marginalised Indigenous and other ability workers.

Why should the CRS be operated by an experienced local operator?

Veolia has had a strong local presence in Tasmania for the last 30 years, with extensive experience in providing waste management and recycling services to over 10,000 businesses and Local Governments across the State. This experience positions Veolia well, to effectively operate the Recycle for Good initiative, achieving efficiencies through an existing network of drop off points and business connections.


A recycling scheme that benefits the community?

Experience with similar schemes across Australia shows the most successful CRS involve the community - creating an opportunity for collaboration and achieving the best outcomes for the environment. Veolia’s operating model will be focused on working collaboratively with the beverage industry, Government and the Community to maximise scheme success, and ensure that the community (rather than the Operator) benefits from the Government proceeds.