The Recoverables Waste Education Program

Inspiring students to make a positive environmental impact.

At Veolia, we offer an interactive and comprehensive waste education program for schools in NSW and WA so that you as educators can help shape the future for our next generation.

The Recoverables Program overview

As educators you have the power to transform the way the next generation challenges waste-related issues. At Veolia, we work with you to deliver an interactive and engaging experience for students so that they are fully equipped with the right education to influence ongoing positive change. We encourage you to contact your local council to see if our waste education program is available in your location. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below to speak with our education team directly. 

Pre-school & Primary school

By tuning into a child's imagination, the Recoverables program plays a major role in education through idolisation. Our waste superheroes take curious children on a journey on how to make positive changes for the future and environment, and teach them that though they might be small their impact can be mighty! This interactive and engaging program provides educators with the tools to shape the behaviours of our next generation, ensuring their actions are consciously helpful towards rectifying the effects of improper waste management. 

Secondary school  

To actively engage older students, our waste education program dives deeper into the life of waste, where it goes, what happens to it, and what the effect is on our environment. By workshopping effective strategies to mitigate the negative impacts of improper waste management, students become aware of simple changes that can be made to their daily routines that in turn support the transformation towards a sustainable future for all. 

The Recoverables Waste Education Program is available in both NSW and WA, with slightly different structural plans that reflect the guidelines of their state councils. To learn more about how you as an educator can embed this program into your curriculum please select one of the following flyers to learn more about The Recoverables program in your state. 

What are the benefits of a partnership with Veolia?

Veolia has conducted over 2,945 workshops, attended numerous council events, and conducted community workshops to improve knowledge on best practices in waste management and increase resource recovery rates. We have highly experienced management, trained educators, and compliance officers and have been specialising in waste education within our contracted councils for over 16 years.

Key features of our waste education program:

  • Interactive face-to-face learning experience 
  • Take-home activities
  • Thorough curriculum-linked activities
  • Students discover how everyone can make the planet more sustainable by taking simple steps to recover resources and carefully dispose of residual materials in the most responsible way

School waste audit

Active listening lessons

Wiggly worms


"It was very informative. We are looking forward to the worm farming workshop in spring. Thank you for this wonderful workshop." 
- Thrive Rosehill ELC (5 stars)

“Will be booking the waste audit for year 12 next year! Hands-on and great for younger years also.” 
- Muirfield High School (5 stars)

“The workshop was very engaging as well as showing patience with our classroom. The children enjoyed the hands-on experience which was very age appropriate. The educators displayed flexibility and modified the teaching strategies to suit the age group.” 
- Hopskotch Toongabbie (5 stars)


-Frequently asked questions-


What is the duration of a workshop?

The duration of a workshop is generally 45mins. School waste audits require 1/2 day sessions.

How many sessions can be done in a school day?

Up to 5 sessions a day can be conducted at the same school within a day.

Can we book multiple workshops within a year?

Yes, absolutely! Multiple workshops can be booked within a year.

Which workshop is best to start our journey?

Our starter workshops are recommended before moving into the specialty workshops. 

In the Bin, Rubbish to Resource, and What a Waste are our introductory workshops from prep through to highschool.