Infrastructure Solutions

At Veolia we work across key economic infrastructure within the energy, transport, communications and water sectors to help address the immediate needs of communities, business and governments, whilst focusing on long term sustainability.


Challenges of the Infrastructure Sector

Our team of specialists can work with you to overcome many of the challenges that the infrastructure sector, including:

  • Economic regulation
  • Stringent planning approvals
  • Complicated community and government engagement
  • Viability of public-private partnerships
  • Environmental management and sustainability


Veolia's infrastructure solutions

We can plug-in to your business to help you reach your sustainability goals provide engineering and planning capabilities and ensuring continuity of your service through long-term asset management.

  • Asset Management
    Inspection and maintenance of your assets is essential to ensuring your continuity of service and the longevity of your equipment and fleet. We use high quality computerised systems to manage asset inventory, as well as to plan and report all activities within the infrastructure sector. Where required, these can be interfaced with other important operational and business systems to ensure we add value to your infrastructure projects.
  • Engineering and Planning Capability
    Design and delivery of major infrastructure requires innovative thought and creative solutions. We have a strong engineering capability across water, energy and waste systems which can be integrated into your businesses to allow for new solutions.
  • Environmental Sustainability
    Infrastructure such as major transport projects, water networks and energy hubs must ensure long-term viability, adhering to strict environmental compliances. As a leader in both design and build, and operation and maintenance of our own and our clients’ facilities across water, waste and energy, we are well equipped to help your reach your sustainability goals.