Integrated Waste Services, SA

Creating a cleaner, greener South Australia

Nearly fifty years ago, it started with one truck and one man’s vision and will to succeed. Today, Integrated Waste Services is at the forefront of the waste management, disposal and recycling industry in Australia and is committed to the continuing pursuit of excellence. The Integrated Waste Services site at Wingfield, SA, consists of the Wingfield Transfer Station, the IWS Head Office and the IWS Recycling Centre.

Mr Pasquale Borrelli arrived in Australia from Italy in 1961 and commenced a one-man, one-truck operation, which has since grown into a multi-million dollar business at the forefront of waste management, recycling and disposal in Australia. Today Integrated Waste Services still reflects the hard working ethos of its humble beginnings with eldest son Joe the CEO and his brother Nic, in charge of Operations, Research and Development, together with over fifty loyal and enthusiastic staff they continue the dream started by one man with a will to succeed and prosper in a new country. 

Landfill Facility

The IWS Northern Balefill is designed and constructed to the highest standards, both meeting and exceeding environmental requirements. It currently provides 30 million cubic metres of potential waste space, however, due to its cellular construction, it can be tailored in size to meet any future requirements for waste disposal.

Disposed of at this site is Baled Waste, Non Friable Asbestos, CCA Treated Timber, Contaminated Waste, Quarantine Waste, Deep Burial. Fully engineered with clay liners, leachate monitoring and in the case of the disposal of low level waste, HDPE liners, the site is designed to protect the environment and the deep aquifer. In addition, by accepting baled waste the landfill does not have a litter, vermin or odour problem that is systemic in other more traditional sites. 


Greening the Environment

Although IWS is highly specialised in diverting as much waste from landfill as possible, waste which cannot be recycled is sent to a fully engineered facility designed to protect the environment but still able to provide energy production in the form of landfill gas. The Wingfield Transfer Station is where this waste is compacted and packaged to be sent to landfill.

At the Wingfield site, residual waste is baled and compacting prior to transport in order to maximise loads and reduce trips required. IWS balers are equipped with EnviroBale.

The IWS Northern Balefill is more than a landfill. Strict environmental controls have meant that an overgrazed, heavily mined site is being returned to its natural state. Part of the processes of operating a landfill is to ensure that the surrounding area is re-vegetated and vermin removed. To this end, Integrated Waste Services has implemented a re-vegetation programme, which started many years ago with the collection of seeds from local ora, germinating them and planting the buffer zones with this tube stock. This practice continues today. Once a section of cells are filled and capped, they also will be re-vegetated with the result that they will blend into the environment and provide even more security for the local fauna.

Designed and built to the highest standards

Positioning facilities to meet the needs of the future

Approaching waste management as a science