Food Waste

Food waste refers to both solid and liquid nutrients we drink and eat such as fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, pastries, delicatessen, dairy, confectionery and grocery.

What is Veolia’s offering?

Veolia offers collection, transfer and disposal services for this stream, and the details around which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.


Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment prior to their selection of equipment and schedules to receive best value for our services.

Why choose Veolia for your food waste management?

Veolia is currently the leading processor of waste food organics in the metropolitan Sydney and Melbourne markets, through our facilities, Earthpower in Sydney and Dandenong NRS in Melbourne.  NRS, short for in-vessel composting, is the biological degradation of organic wastes within an enclosed, controlled and monitored aerobic environment.

The facilities we operate produce both renewable energy and compost through its efficient processes and in Victoria, Dandenong NRS is the only metropolitan facility licensed by the EPA to process food waste and has been successfully converting food and garden organic wastes into soil improvement products since 2000.

Want to know more about where your food waste goes?

Learn more about how food waste can be recycled by visiting our treatment plants page today.