Soil Decontamination Facilities

One source, dynamic solutions

Many current environmental and health impacts from soil contamination are attributed to polluted industrial sites.

Remediation is now being driven by public health concerns, the move toward environmental protection and increased pressure for new urban development. Remediation is a costly and time-consuming operation, which calls for experts in pollution removal, using safe remediation techniques that are truly effective so that future generations can build upon rejuvenated land. Veolia has been operating in the Environmental Services Industry since 1969.

Veolia offers “cradle to grave” remediation solutions for problematic waste and soil materials – from facilitating regulatory approvals and community relations activities to developing environmental management plans, full specialist contractor management including site investigation, validation and engineering design for both onsite and offsite remediation and treatment.

Remediation Services is a technical project management group, integrated into the Resource Recovery Services division of Veolia. All its lead personnel have specialist training in engineering and environmental management, with wide ranging experience to solve any problem, offering one source, dynamic solutions.

Veolia has worked with a diverse range of clients to safely and efficiently solve problematic waste and soil, including: industrial mineral & chemical refineries; government organisations; property development companies; construction companies; and earthworks contractors.

Check out the case studies below to learn more about Veolia's facilities with soil decontamination capacity.