Steel Solutions

Through the delivery of amalgamated plant and facility services for the steel manufacturing sector, we can align ourselves to your key environmental, social and economic benchmarks. 

The steel industry has contributed to Australia’s social and economic development for more than half a century. Steel is one of Australia’s greatest exports, with annual trade earnings well over AUD$11 billion.

Challenges of the Steel Manufacturing Industry

The iron smelting and steel manufacturing industry has undergone significant change in recent years. Its  production and transport within the region is facing financial and operational pressures including:

  • Cost control
  • Falling demand from downstream markets
  • Declining domestic iron and steel prices
  • Increasing input costs
  • Competition from import markets
  • Access to competitively priced energy
  • Planned and unplanned downtime for various operations
  • Legislative and regulatory requirements


Veolia's Steel Manufacturing Solutions

By understanding your unique requirements, we are able to partner with you to create an innovative solution that enables you to restore maximum profitability, ensure the highest level of operational safety and reach your environmental, social and economic goals.

    Waste Management

    • Design and construction of on-site waste treatment facilities including landfills and sorting facilities
    • Collection and recovery of steel waste
    • Comprehensive waste management plans
    • Facilities maintenance services
    • Refractory management
    • Remediation services
    • Hazardous waste management treatment and recovery
    • Fabrication services
    • Scaffolding
    • Plumbing and pipeline services
    • Industrial cleaning services: high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, robotic cleaning, chemical cleaning, abrasive blasting, scaffolding, materials handling and shutdown services

    Energy Management

    • Detailed feasibility, engineering and construction of on-site energy facilities
    • Integration of heat recovery - renewable energy and energy efficiency
    • Operation, management and maintenance of power island, HVAC and other energy services
    • Energy audits and optimisation studies
    • Long-term carbon performance management
    • Decommissioning of power island and energy assets

    Water Management

    • Water and wastewater treatment plants
    • Potable water systems
    • Operations and maintenance
    • Refurbishments, upgrades and modifications of existing water treatment plants
    • ​Containerised mobile units