Glass Recycling Services

Explore reliable glass recycling & collection services for your business. Our efficient solutions ensure maximum recovery & recycling of glass waste.

Glass is a solid material which has been around for thousands of years and is the oldest known form of packaging.

Glass is usually produced from materials such as sand, limestone or soda ash but within Australia, glass is commonly made up of recyclable glass materials.

What is Veolia’s offering?

Veolia offers collection, transfer and disposal services for this stream, and the details around which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.

Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment prior to their selection of equipment and schedules to receive best value for our services.

Why should you separate glass from your general waste?

For every tonne of glass recycled, there is a saving of approximately 225 kg of carbon dioxide, and recycling glass can save between 25-30% of the energy used to make glass out of new materials.  While it can take approximately one million years for a glass bottle to break down within a traditional landfill, this material can be recycled indefinitely.

Within Australia, most glass products hold between 40-70% recyclable glass.

Why choose Veolia for your glass waste management?

Locally, Veolia has a network of sorting and recycling centres that we use to ensure your glass waste is properly managed.

Globally, Veolia has recently partnered with Knauf Insulation to construct a new state-of-the-art glass cullet processing facility.  This facility will dry and refine tens of thousands of tonnes of glass into a ‘furnace ready’ cullet, a recycled standard of glass that has been cleaned and crushed into small fragments. The cullet will then be fed into a furnace, where it is melted and spun into glass mineral wool in order to manufacture energy saving insulation products.

Want to learn more about how your glass waste can enable the circular economy?

Learn more about how your glass waste can be recycled by visiting our sorting and recycling page as well as our UK site.