Property Development

Reducing our impact on the environment is at the core of everything we do. We also understand the pressures on property developers to meet sustainability targets while creating reliable, efficient and high performing new building developments. Veolia delivers tailored systems that address these immediate and long term challenges.

We recognise that innovation is key to the development of products that consume less energy to cool or heat your building and minimise greenhouse gas emissions. Veolia is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Trane products, an established market leader in minimising the world’s future consumption of energy. 

For large- and smaller-scale residential applications, we will provide the right system for your project, offering:

  • Reliability: robust solutions designed to operate significantly longer than other systems.
  • Energy efficiency: high full or part load performance reduces energy consumption. While heat recovery, thermal storage and free cooling further lower operating costs.
  • Safety: low flammability refrigerants, plus innovative designs that lower the refrigerant charge and reduce the potential for leakage.
  • Environmental sustainability: we utilise low-global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants and highly efficient system operation thereby consuming less energy and minimising greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
  • Compliance: our products meet strict industry regulations - we can help you understand and meet your sustainability obligations.
Lendlease is one of Australia’s largest property developers and has benefitted from the implementation of Veolia’s comprehensive treatment and recycling solution within a $500 million commercial office and leisure space development in Sydney’s Darling Harbour. 

Veolia constructed and operates the recycled water plant at Darling Quarter, a significant sustainability initiative, delivered on time and within budget. A combination of innovative technologies treat 245 kilolitres of sewage a day, producing 166 kilolitres a day (60ML/year) of high quality recycled water for reuse for toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up water.

The project includes potable water reduction of 90% through rainwater harvesting and onsite wastewater recycling, odour treatment design and constant quality monitoring. 

As a result, the plant helps save 2,500 tonnes of carbon emissions per year, and was awarded a 6-Star Green Star Office Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.
The Barangaroo South Precinct is a 7.5 hectare site on Sydney’s harbourfront and aims to become the first large-scale, carbon-neutral precinct in Australia. With a mix of uses including three commercial towers, more than 800 apartments, retail and dining along with a hotel and casino complex, it will be home to around 1,200 residents, 23,000 office workers and more than 2.9 hectares of public space.

Lendlease selected Veolia to provide comprehensive environmental services to ensure a carbon neutral and water positive outcome for this landmark commercial precinct. The centralised district-wide chiller plant will be cooled by seawater from Sydney Harbour, reducing electrical demand and greenhouse gas emissions. The site will also provide recycled water from Barangaroo to Sydney’s CBD.

At Barangaroo, Veolia will operate and maintain one of Australia’s largest district energy, cooling and water treatment schemes, creating optimal thermal comfort for residents, tenants and visitors and a new industry benchmark of performance and reliability. We will be responsible for operating and maintaining:
  • A 62 megawatt district cooling network
  • High voltage embedded electrical network
  • A recycled water treatment plant