Depolluting for a Cleaner Future

Depollution isn't just limited to cleaning up litter from the streets and natural environment - it covers all manner of removing pollutants and minimising them at the source.

What is Depollution?

Depollution, or 'decontamination', is the process of removing pollutants, contaminants, or other harmful substances from the environment for the purpose of safety, health, and sustainability. This can include anything from the litter you typically think of as "pollution" to chemical byproducts as a result of certain human activities. Depollution can also refer to educating and encouraging others to recycle and responsibly dispose of their waste to minimise pollution in the first instance and reduce its impact on our various environments. 

Decreasing pollution is one of the four pillars that uphold our Ecological Transformation mission. We therefore operate across the board to reduce and remove different kinds of pollution, including: 

  • Air pollution
  • Water pollution
  • Soil pollution
  • Waste pollution


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