Veolia works across many manufacturing sub-sectors including aluminium, steel, cement, nickel, pulp and paper, and food and beverage to help our customers restore productivity and profitability, deliver zero harm and effectively engage with their employees, communities and other stakeholders within their own supply chains.


Servicing the Manufacturing Industry 

Many industrial manufacturing sectors, like aluminium and pulp and paper are facing increasing operational pressures and challenges to the very viability of their industries, including:

  • Effective and sustainable logistics and infrastructure which combats large geographical spread
  • Declining commodity prices
  • Instability across currency exchange
  • Employment and skills management
  • Regulatory environment
  • Government funding and support
  • Community and stakeholder engagement

Veolia's manufacturing solutions

Our aim is to help restore profitability, efficiency and innovation to your manufacturing plant. Becoming a valuable partner, rather than just acting as a service provider, allows our team to better understand your operational challenges and key performance indicators, before helping to form solutions that enable your business to reach these targets. By delivering amalgamated plant and facility services for manufacturing, which covers water, waste and energy management, we align to the key environmental, social and economic benchmarks you have set for yourself.
Manufacturing Waste Management, Cleaning and Maintenance

  • amalgamated plant services: including high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, materials separation and recycling
  • waste management and resource recovery including handling of process waste for recovery, general waste and recyclables, hazardous liquid waste collection (drums and tanker)
  • facilities and civil maintenance including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roof replacement, road and concrete repairs, painting and road sweeping
  • refractory services including strip out, installation, commissioning and equipment and scaffolding services

Manufacturing Energy Management

  • preventative and corrective energy asset maintenance contracts
  • managing energy performance of facilities and equipment
  • reporting on clients energy usage and reductions
  • installation, design, development and upgrading of energy systems and equipment, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning

Manufacturing Water Management

  • potable water systems and containerised mobile units
  • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
  • refurbishments, upgrades and modifications of existing water treatment plants for manufacturing plants and facilities
  • water and wastewater treatment plants to treat contaminated water for environmental discharge or reuse
  • guaranteed operations and maintenance of water assets 

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