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Discover sustainable water services and innovative technology. Veolia leads the way with reliable water solutions for a better future.

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Our Water division comprises over 830 employees across Australia and New Zealand, and we pride ourselves on the diversity and quality of our team. We are also part of a larger global team made up of some of the most sought-after water experts around the globe.

We’re here to support water authorities, councils, and businesses, increase operational efficiency, and improve customer service while delivering value across all stages of the water cycle. 

Let us know how we can help with your water challenge, or discover how our solutions can service the market in which your business operates, the business activity in which you are looking to procure a solution, or the value that you are looking for us to deliver.



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-Supporting our facilities reach Net Zero emissions-

The Veolia asset management framework is fully integrated into the company’s Business Management System.
Veolia generally groups water and wastewater services into three different groupings: Water treatment, Wastewater treatment and Oily water treatment.
Water reuse and recycling is another aspect of water resource management, increasing overall water availability by providing an alternative and additional water supply.
Drawing upon proven systems, global knowledge and resources enable us and our clients to make informed, effective Network Service decisions.
Veolia’s Smart Water Services have been designed to support water authorities and industries improve their water network management and infrastructure.
Veolia maintains a multi-skilled team who can effectively operate and maintain wastewater treatment assets such as sewage plants across our waste and water divisions.
Veolia is committed to excellent service delivery and will ensure a good relationship with clients by aligning and sharing the project ‘goals’ and culture.


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