Veolia ANZ Environmental, Social & Governance Report 2023-24

Explore how Veolia ANZ has supported customers and communities towards achieving Ecological Transformation


Veolia's latest strategy, GreenUp, encompasses our commitment to depollute, decarbonise, and regenerate resources, all of which help up to achieve Ecological Transformation. In our 2024 ESG report we dive into how we are investing in communities, and delivering affordable and impactful sustainability solutions to our people, our customers, our communities, and the environment.

Our customers

Extensive history

2023 marked Veolia's 170th year of operation, during which time we've experience immense growth and technological advancement to improve and protect human and environmental health. Starting our journey by supplying clean water to the public in France, we're now cleaning up our environment through the delivery of solutions that depollute, decarbonise, and regenerate resources for our customers and communities.

Modern solutions

Embracing innovation, our sustainable technologies help customers to digitalise their performance metrics, providing fully-integrated solutions to optimise energy efficiency and reporting. In 2023 and 2024, our bespoke technological offerings helped customers analyse their Scope 1, 2, and 3 emission sources, identify opportunities for sustainable actions and monitor their outcomes, and achieve effective net-zero waste to landfill

Making sustainability accessible

More customers and households are able to achieve greater food and garden organic (FOGO) waste diversion and reduced emissions thanks to recent upgrades to our processing facilities. In 2023, we extended FOGO services to an additional 70,000 households in Western Australia and are using it to produce a market-grade compost. Commercial customers in Sydney will also soon be supported better than before with our EarthPower facility's upcoming reopening after undergoing major capacity and optimisation upgrades. The facility will be capable of producing enough electricity to power 4,800 homes while diverting 62,500 tonnes of food waste away from landfill every year.

Our environment

Our Net Zero ambitions

With the launch of our global 2024-2027 GreenUp strategy, we have set ambitious targets to depollute, decarbonise, and regenerate resources. As part of our commitment we have been focusing on reducing our Scope 1, 2, 3, and 4 emissions with the aim to halve emissions by 2032 and achieve Net Zero by 2050

Our decarbonisation performance

In addition to actively reducing our year-on-year greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, our Australian operations have resulted in the generation of 136,706 MWh from renewable sources, and 407 kt (CO2eq) avoided in GHG primarily due to our recycling and energy generation activities. 

New solutions

The shift towards energy recovery advanced across Australia as the construction of two facilities in Western Australia nears completion, the Maryvale project in Victoria progressed its planning, and New South Wales's EarthPower food waste-to-energy facility prepared for its grand reopening. These facilities are helping to drive forward Australia's commitment to transition away from landfilling and towards more sustainable, circular waste management.

Our people

We are committed to fostering a culture that is safe, inclusive, encourages personal development, and values each employee individually. 

Keeping our people safe

With safety as our top priority for our employees and partners, we celebrate new approaches to protecting crew on the ground. In this year's report we feature our new switch finger, a remotely-operated mechanical device that keeps people safe when operating switchgear, designed and developed by one of our own operational employees. 

Strengthening our workforce

Our diversity initiatives have further matured, with an especially close focus on strengthening our Indigenous and female participation in the workforce. Through our new FutureForward program, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander talent are supported with mentorship and traineeship opportunities; and after achieving our 30% women in leadership target in 2023, we are now turning our attention to diversifying traditionally male-dominated roles.

Celebrating our purpose

Ecological Transformation is the essence of Veolia, and we encourage our people to explore and celebrate what this means to them. With the launch of the Purpose Ambassador network individuals are now better able to learn about climate change and its impacts, share their thoughts and sustianable ideas, and connect more closely with our purpose.

Our communities

Indigenous engagement

We make conscious efforts to respect and support the communities and local business of indigenous peoples in whose lands we live and operate. In Australia we celebrated and commemorated the Indigenous servicemen and women who have served the nation during the 'Serving Country' exhibition, and invested $17m in Indigenous engagement and B2B activity throughout 2023.

In New Zealand the launch of 'Our People Our Wai' recognises the stories of our local employees and their commitment to customers and Ecological Transformation.

Community development

In New South Wales the Veolia Mulwaree Trust distributed more than $901,000 to support 173 local community projects and scholarships in arts and academics.

Protecting wildlife

The turtles which travel the eastern coast of Australia also received care and rehabilitation through the Taronga Zoo's wildlife hospital and turtle research program, of which Veolia is a proud sponsor.

Beyond the report

Read further about some of the ways we're creating ecologically-conscious value for our customers and communities.


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