Construction Management

Veolia is an industry leader in supplying environmental management solutions into remote and regional mining camps, including critical water supply and infrastructure, waste management and recycling services and energy management solutions.

What is Camp Construction?

Accomodation camps house the population of remote mining, oil and gas and manufacturing sites, with many of these workers staying onsite. These camps are in many ways mobile-cities and require new infrastructure to be developed including housing, commercial kitchens, sporting and leisure facilities as well as other basic services including healthcare.

Veolia's Camp Construction Solutions

We can provide environmental management solutions, including waste management and recycling services, energy management solutions as well as water supply and infrastructure.

  • Waste management and recycling services
    With some camps accommodating up to 2000 workers at any given time, waste generation and sustainable waste management are an essential consideration for camp management. Our camp construction specialists will design and deliver a suitable waste management service which caters for various types of wastes including but not limited to, general waste, food organics, commingled recycling, paper and cardboard, as well as liquid and hazardous waste collection. During camp construction or disassembly, we can also deliver bulk and construction waste collection services.

    Due to our strong presence in many regional and remote locations, our team of specialists are uniquely placed to deliver a waste logistics solution which minimises environmental impact whilst also ensuring that waste is removed in a timely fashion.

  • Energy Management
    Supplying reliable, cost-effective power to camps and accommodations are an essential requirement, in addition to the supply of heating, ventilation & air conditioning. Our team will assess the scale of your site and deliver a low-carbon energy management plan to suit your needs.
  • Water supply and infrastructure
    Key to ensuring the viability of heavy industry camps is the delivery of potable water as well as recycled water sources for the purposes of irrigation within these camp locations. Our team works closely with camp management on establishing on-site water treatment technology and equipment, through to managing these assets on the organisations behalf.

Speak to one of our construction specialists and ask for further information on how we can help.