Desalination Services

Veolia ensures a reliable water supply via expert desalination services, including seawater desalination as a result of reverse osmosis and thermal solutions.

Desalination is the process of separating salt from seawater to produce fresh drinking water. This is done in one of two ways - thermal desalination (heating the seawater and condensing the vapour to produce fresh water) or reverse osmosis (pushing seawater through a membrane to separate salt and impurities from the fresh water).

With the amount of rainfall expected to continue decreasing, and our population on the rise, seawater desalination, a completely non-rainfall dependent source of water, is being adopted as part of an integrated approach to managing water supply and demand.

Where does Veolia have seawater desalination projects?

In Australia, Veolia is responsible for the long term operations of the Gold Coast Desalination Plant in Queensland and Sydney's Desalination Plant. Both of these energy efficient plants use reverse osmosis, as this process consumes less energy, producing cheaper fresh water with a better final product.

With a total treatment capacity of approximately 13 million m3 of water per day at more than 2,300 sites in 108 countries across the world, Veolia is the world leader in desalination. 



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