Solid Hazardous Waste Management

Rely on our expert solid waste management services, including the handling, transportation & disposal of contaminated soils & asbestos.

Hazardous waste refers to waste that poses a risk to the environment and/or human health, when handled, transported or disposed of in an unsafe manner. Hazardous waste is also known as Prescribed industrial waste, Regulated waste, Controlled waste or Listed waste.

Hazardous waste can be solid, liquid or gaseous and it can occur as a waste stream from municipal, commercial, industrial or construction & demolition clients. Solid waste includes Dust & Fly Ash, Contaminated soils and Asbestos.

Hazardous waste can be stored in bins, bulk tanks (for liquid waste) or packaged (in drums, IBCs or small containers).

How do we handle solid waste?

Veolia has a number of hazardous waste treatment plants, an accredited laboratory and a specialized waste fleet across Australia to identify, collect, treat and dispose of most types of hazardous waste.

Depending on your requirements, we can also build and operate onsite treatment plants for liquid and hazardous waste. This is a suitable option for food & beverage, mining, and other industrial clients who produce larger volumes of waste.

Using advanced treatment methodologies, we can recover material for reuse from some hazardous waste.

Why choose Veolia for your hazardous waste services?

Veolia provides integrated solutions for the identification, collection, treatment and disposal of hazardous and contaminated waste. Our fast and compliant solutions and highly trained and experienced personnel, means you can trust that your hazardous waste is being treated comprehensively.  

We offer a specialist service for the management of all your hazardous wastes including;

  • Supply and collection of compliant containers
  • Characterisation, auditing, packaging and labelling services
  • Compliant collection, transport and treatment
  • Post-treatment material recovery for reuse
  • Advice on waste management strategies
  • Full reporting for regulatory requirements

Using the most up-to-date processing technologies, Veolia treats the chemical and physical properties of liquid and hazardous waste so it can either be reused, or safely released to landfill or as wastewater.

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