Pubs & Clubs

Pubs and clubs are highly frequented by locals and internationals, who are interested in activities such as gambling, dancing and sporting, and generally produce lots of recyclable waste.


What are some environmental solutions we have offered to pubs and clubs?

Veolia is the integrated, national waste services provider for a large hospitality group in Australia, consisting of 320 licenced venues such as pubs and clubs and 550 retail liquor outlets in both metro and remote areas.  Committed to the implementation of detailed environmental management systems to help minimise their impact on the environment, Veolia helped the group increase their landfill diversion rates and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by introducing recycling and resource recovery solutions to enhance waste minimisation and improve their reuse.

In addition to collecting their general waste, Veolia collects, transports and recycles the following streams for the group:

A major initiative that has reduced costs and improved recycling economies of scale for the group was from the identification of client sites that produce similar waste stream volumes within a certain region for collection. For instance, sites that produce a lot of cardboard within Sydney’s Northern Beaches area, are collected along the same route to improve recycling throughput.

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