Copper and Gold Solutions

With services across water and wastewater management, energy usage and technologies and waste and recycling services, we are uniquely positioned to help you reduce your energy and water usage, whilst either maintaining or improving productivity.

The copper industry is one of Australia’s top ten resources and is worth approximately A$6billion. We are one of the top six producers globally, with significant copper resources found in all states and the Northern Territory, but predominantly across Queensland and South Australia. By contrast, gold is a A$14 billion industry within the region, having been produced in Australia since the first discovery near Orange in New South Wales in 1851. 230 tonnes of gold is produced within Australia each year, representing around 10% of global production.

Challenges for the Copper and Gold Industries

Industries of this size and importance are not without their own unique challenges, including:

  • Employee rights and engagement
  • Reducing mining impact on cultural lands
  • Mitigating environmental degradation
  • Competitive environments and emerging markets
  • Reducing energy footprint


Veolia's copper and gold solutions

We can plug in to your business to help provide flexible staffing arrangements, achieve environmental compliance and to ensure communities are being engaged to effectively minimise social impacts:

  • Access to Highly Skilled and Flexible Labour
    Providing access to skilled and unskilled labour and managing employee engagement is a valuable part of our solution. Veolia can capitalise on our own skilled employee base of over 4000 people whilst also assisting clients through flexible staffing arrangements. We ensure that you can focus on your operations, without incurring unnecessary employment costs. We also have a wide geographical spread across more than 120 locations, including remote and regional areas.
  • Environmental compliance and management plans
    Our team can assess the current state of play of your sites and operational facilities and determine how to best reduce energy and water usage, whilst either maintaining or improving productivity. This is done through a mix of copper and gold industry services across water and wastewater management, energy usage and technologies, waste and recycling, and industrial cleaning and maintenance.
  • Social Licence to Operate
    Ensuring the environmental and social impacts of copper and gold projects are kept to a minimum is key to ensuring long term sustainability. We are always seeking internal improvement and remain focussed in understanding how we can add value to your stakeholders and work with them on engagement activities within the indigenous and non-indigenous communities where they operate.