Logistics Management

Utilise paperless truck systems (PTS) to improve logistics management. Quicker response times, better waste tracking, accuracy in reporting & cost improvements.

Veolia has in place a Paperless Truck System (PTS) to ensure logistics are managed efficiently throughout our waste operations.  


What is PTS, our logistics management solution?

All of our trucks are fit with a monitor connected to our PTS.

PTS allows real-time tracking of our collection vehicles through GPS, which allows operational transparency.  At the touch of a button, the driver can communicate with both the customer and our customer service centres to conduct tasks such as calling ahead and arranging bin access.  This helps to reduce delays and helps our customers better manage their collection schedules.  

It also notifies our drivers of accidents and/or road blockages, and it automatically re-routes the trucks to ensure collection schedules are met.

What are the benefits of our logistics management solution, PTS?

Our PTS results in quicker response times, better waste tracking, increased accuracy in reporting and other cost improvements.  This system also lets us continue to improve our customer service and helps us comply more effectively with OH&S and other statutory requirements.

In addition, PTS also helps us produce better and more accurate reports on:

  • Efficiencies;
  • Frequencies; and
  • Weights of individual bins.

Moreover, this data is integrated with our finance system, SAP, which ensures no transactional errors occur on our customer invoices as well as our environmental reporting.  This results in improved accuracy and more timely delivery of those reports.

Lastly, it enables better fleet management, effective response measures for unscheduled customer requests and better customer service, thanks to real-time integration of service requests into collection runs.