Water Quality Data Communication

Leverage real-time water quality data & communication for efficient monitoring and management. Enhance water quality with our SWARM data communication buoy.

In summer, when conditions are especially hot and sunny, it is not uncommon to see the water turn green in lakes and slow flowing rivers. 

This green colour is due to blue green algae, a microorganism that can significantly impact human health. These risks are particularly high when algal blooms occur in recreational areas and water storages used as raw water supply.


What is Veolia’s water quality data communication tool, SWARM buoy?

The SWARM buoy is comprised of the following:


Why are water quality data communication tools such as SWARM buoys required?

As algae are particularly difficult to remove, detecting algal blooms as early as possible is crucial to warn the public and water authorities in order to minimise the impact on human health.

The SWARM buoy measures the water quality parameters and transmits data in real time for analysis. On top of the measuring system, the buoy comprises an anchor, a float and an energy-generating module allowing self-sufficiency.

Where has Veolia previously implemented its water quality data communication tool, SWARM buoy?

Water authorities in France commonly use SWARM buoys to track pollutant emissions in waterways to inform water treatment plants of when to stop pumping water due to contamination.

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