Veolia’s Barometer of Ecological Transformation

Discover what Australians say about climate action.

The Barometer of Ecological Transformation gauged Australian public opinion about climate change and measured the willingness to achieve change. 

Here's what you and your fellow Australians had to say.

Australia, with the rest of the world, is in the midst of an ideological change: shifting away from the linear consumption model we're used to, and towards a more sustainable, circular economy that helps to preserve our environment. This is ecological transformation in action. 

Veolia's 2nd Barometer report shows that public attitudes are shifting - in some surprising ways. Despite a majority of Australians believing in climate change, climate denial has grown over the past 18 months

The Barometer reveals the obstacles and levers we can employ to accelerate transitioning to a sustainable future. 

Sampling 26 countries including Australia, the Barometer reflects the sentiments of over half the global population1.

Veolia has partnered with Elabe Consulting since 2022 to measure the public’s readiness to take action in defending our natural resources for a more sustainable tomorrow. Surveying countries that represent various demographics and face differing climate change impacts, this informative study helps us to better understand the climate debate and advance our trajectory towards achieving ecological transformation.

Key Findings


Australia is concerned about climate change

Australia wants to act

53% Australians would make more sustainable choices even if it is more expensive
52% Australians would be more sustainable if they saw results quickly

Australians are ready for Ecological Transformation

Solutions For Ecological Transformation

Real solutions already exist

The good news? According to the Barometer, Australians are ready to embrace solutions that combine innovation and responsible living to improve our health and way of life. 

At Veolia, we provide customers with the tools and solutions to make the changes needed and help Australian businesses and industries reach their sustainability ambitions. We place ecology and the environment at the forefront of everything we do - in our processes, the solutions we provide and - most importantly - in our mindset. Ecological transformation is the cornerstone of everything we do.

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1. This nationally representative and global survey conducted by Elabe was carried out in 26 countries including China, US, Australia, Brazil, India, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia and most of Europe on 5 continents, involving over 29,500 individuals (between 1,000 and 2,000 per country). 1,000 individuals were surveyed in Australia. Countries were chosen for their demographic weight, their weight in GHG emissions and to ensure a diversity of ecological political and cultural histories. Overall, these countries represent nearly 60% of the world's population, 67% of global GHG emissions and 77% of global GDP.