Whitepaper | Accelerating Ecological Transformation in your business

Now that Australia has locked in its net-zero agenda for 2050, businesses need actionable insights to become Ecological Transformation-ready.

We know Australian businesses have what it takes to deliver Ecological Transformation, but the expectations placed on businesses around sustainability and Environmental Social Governance (ESG) initiatives are moving swiftly. Our new report can help our Australian customers and stakeholders keep ahead of that change and embrace Ecological Transformation. And we can see why that transformation needs to start now

Our recent Barometer of Ecological Transformation shared some eye-opening takeaway messages that cannot be ignored: 

82% of Australians acknowledge that we are experiencing climate disruption, with 1 in 4 people (26%) expressing they have eco-anxiety to the point of foregoing long-term life plans, such as having children. 

Australians believe that the responsibility of creating the necessary changes to mitigate climate change needs to be shared amongst government bodies, businesses, and citizens. 

We agree, and through our technical know-how in water, waste, and energy management, we are already helping businesses, industries, and entire cities to decarbonisedepollute, and create circular economies through our integrated solutions. We call this shift Ecological Transformation

To reduce emissions, clean up, and create circular solutions, we must move quickly. To do this, businesses must collaborate, co-design solutions, and accelerate scalable interventions. 

Veolia's white paper, Accelerating Ecological Transformation in your Business, shows you how Australian businesses can implement real, scalable solutions that solve complex environmental challenges, while supporting Australian organisations to meet their sustainability goals. 

Along with our 5 practical steps for achieving greater sustainability, we want to share with you: 

  • In-depth insights: Gain access to industry insights on sustainable business strategies to build resilience and adapt to climate change.
  • Sustainable solutions: Uncover innovative solutions that will help your organisation reduce environmental impact, optimise resource management, and embrace a circular economy approach.
  • Competitive advantages: Recognise the growing importance of Ecological Transformation and position your organisation as a leader in sustainability.


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