Understanding Energy from Waste

Energy from waste (EfW) is an emerging technology in Australia that allows us to recover energy that would have otherwise been lost to landfilling, providing local communities with a more sustainable electricity source.

What is Energy from Waste?

Energy from waste (EfW), also known as 'Waste to Energy', is a kind of resource recovery which diverts waste from landfill to reduce greenhouse gases, recovers recyclable metals that would have otherwise been lost, and produces energy that can be sent back into the local power grid.

By recovering the energy from waste that would have been sent to landfill, we help communities move up the waste hierarchy, improving their sustainability. 

Waste hierarchy

How does energy from waste work?

The technology works by applying controlled combustion to non-hazardous, non-recyclable waste and directing the resulting steam through a turbine to generate electricity. The waste is processed to collect metals and is then treated to be sent for recycling as aggregate, such as in the construction industry. All gases produced in this process are filtered, treated, and monitored before dispersion. 


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