Water Recycling & Reuse

Maximise water efficiency with sustainable water recycling & reuse solutions for non-potable water needs such as irrigation.

Freshwater represents only 2.5% of the water available on the planet. With the rapid increase in the world population, the acceleration of urbanisation and global warming, this resource is becoming scarce. Many parts of the world are subject to water stress and it is now a major environmental, social, and economic challenge for cities and industry.


Water recycling converts a waste stream into a valuable resource for irrigation, fire fighting, industrial use, and potentially even as a future highly purified, recycled drinking water supply. With more than 100 water reuse installations around the world, Veolia provides more than 2 billion litres of recycled water per day for. 

We’re continually working to help secure alternative water supplies through projects such as:

  • Western Corridor Recycled Water Project (Queensland): Advanced water treatment plants and pipelines produce safe, purified recycled water.

  • Fairfield Recycled Water Plant (NSW): Delivers recycled water to industrial customers in Western Sydney, with a capacity for 20 million litres per day.

  • Gerringong Gerroa Sewerage Scheme (NSW): Reuses 80% or more of the treated effluent in local farm irrigation.

  • Ballarat North Water Reclamation Plant (VIC): Delivers up to 3.1 million litres per day of treated wastewater for irrigation of playing fields and replenishment of recreational Lake Wendouree.


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Fresh water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource and a major challenge for cities and industry. Reusing wastewater is one solution capable of meeting this challenge by increasing overall water availability, with an alternative and additional water supply.

Veolia’s water recycling facilities use a range of technologies to meet the specific needs of local communities and industry. A system based on reverse osmosis membrane technology may be best suited for an industrial water supply for use in cooling towers or as process water. For irrigation of sporting fields or farms, a more traditional solution may be adequate. 

Veolia has many years of experience operating facilities within the framework of the Australian Guidelines for Water Recycling and ensuring that the water produced at its plants complies with the relevant local requirements.  

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