Industrial Plumbing

Innovative solutions tailored to your business

We know you need to keep your site safe and your equipment operating at its best. Our expert team delivers industrial plumbing and pipeline solutions tailored to your needs. Our services include:

  • Potable water lines
    We provide specialised potable water pipelines for industry made from polyethylene, stainless steel, copper nickel or uPVC.
  • Cooling modules and water lines / jackets
    We provide fabrication and installation of cooling lines, jackets and boshes.
  • Hot tapping
    We provide hot tapping connections to live mains without shutting off the flow, by drilling through a valve connected to the mains’ external wall.
  • Torpedo pipe cleaning
    We provide torpedo pipe cleaning for the removal of bacteria and scale, whereby an air-pressure-driven projectile cleans internal pipe surfaces.
  • Poly pipe welding
    Poly pipe has a longer service life than traditional piping. Poly pipe welding is proven to be durable and cost effective for new and existing installations.
  • Backflow prevention
    Backflow prevention devices ensure your water supply doesn’t become contaminated, preventing hazards feeding back into the water main, through non-return valves and reduced pressure zones.
  • Plumbing design for water, sanitation and drainage needs
    We provide plumbing design for mining camp accommodation, new site set-ups, oil-water separation, and sewage effluent disposal systems. We design arresters for neutralising laboratory waste.