Contracting Models

Forge a long lasting relationship with Veolia and leverage our expertise in managing water treatment facilities through tailored solutions.

Veolia is committed to excellent service delivery and will ensure a good relationship with clients by aligning and sharing the project ‘goals’ and culture.

We believe a good culture and service delivery model is characterised by:

  • a cohesive environment whereby all participants work together to deliver the work, overcome difficulties, solve problems, innovate, learn, share successes and failures and deliver on their accountabilities
  • an environment of trust and transparency among the participants, where all information, ideas and efforts are shared freely and where everyone can be relied on to work in the best interests of the company
  • all team members driving to achieve high performance in all our objectives
  • pride in the company by its participants and key stakeholders, where each supports company objectives and decisions, helps to build loyalty and champions our work to external stakeholders, the public and the industry
  • all individuals are ultimately benefiting from each other’s knowledge and experience, thereby continuously developing and learning
  • a single integrated team with members supporting each other in their work, particularly in the key areas of safety, environment and other social responsibilities.

Why choose Veolia for your water service delivery?

For the last 20 years, Veolia has been working in collaborative ways with many Australian and New Zealander water authorities and through this experience, has developed long-standing and effective relationships with them.

For instance, the delivery and ongoing operation of the Aqua project in Victoria is an excellent example of a collaborative service delivery model formed with our client, Coliban Water. Some of the things that have led to the success of the relationship are:

  • Informal meetings to discuss and address operational issues or concerns
  • Formal operational meetings attended by managers from both parties to progress initiatives and resolve potential issues.
  • Quarterly meetings to assess the Coliban Water and Veolia Partnership Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  
  • Annual partnership workshop to assess the performance of the partnership and agree on action to further improve the relationship or simply to bring new methods of delivery and innovation to our work.



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