The resources sector consists of the minerals, oil and natural gas industries. It is an essential sector that provides raw materials, which other organisations and the general population depend on. The resources sector is a significant contributor to the Australian economy.

What are some challenges that Veolia is familiar with in the resources sector?

The main challenges that we have come across are:

  • Stringent requirements on quality, safety and traceability.
  • Cost control and economic performance.
  • Reducing any environmental impact by managing water cycles, energy use and by-products.
  • Building a solid reputation.
  • Pursuing a proactive approach to social responsibility.


What’s Veolia’s view on changing how the resources sector tackles these challenges?

Veolia works with a number of clients in the resources sector, delivering tailored solutions for their waste, water and energy challenges.

Our capability extends nation-wide and we commit to the highest level
of occupational health, safety and environment practices for all contracts.

By developing a partnership, and understanding your operations and challenges, we deliver compliant, efficient, safe solutions to:

  • Maintain your operational efficiency,
  • Maintain security of supply,
  • Reduce your environmental footprint,
  • Foster good relationships with your stakeholders, including communities and governments.

North West Alliance, a joint venture between Veolia and Our Country, brings together Aboriginal and Western approaches to sustainability. This unique and complementary partnership delivers tremendous value to clients in the Pilbara region of Australia. Find out more about North West Alliance here.