Moving House

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Please let us know in advance if you’re moving. It’s important to let us know as we may need to:

  • arrange a meter reading,
  • set up a new account, or
  • make sure you do not receive bills from us in future.


Owner occupier

If you have bought or sold a property, your solicitor will need to contact us to arrange for a special reading.

When a property changes hands, we update the account into the new owners name once the Notice of Sale has been received.  
Moving in

  • You will find a Welcome pack from Veolia in the letter box of your new property. The Welcome Pack contains:
  • It is important that the Contract form is completed, signed and returned back to Veolia as soon as possible.
  • It is advised you should confirm the water meter supplying your property is the meter on your bill.
  • You should receive your first bill within 3 months of moving into the new property, if you have not received a bill in this period, please contact us.

Moving out
As the owner of the property, you are responsible for making sure your solicitor has:

  • Advised us of the settlement date and requested a final meter reading
  • Received and paid the final bill on your behalf
  • Provided us with a Notice of Sale document

Landlords / Property Managers

At the end of each tenancy Landlords should request a special meter reading. This will ensure we correctly determine the volume of water used, so that the final bill is accurate. Note, there is a fee covering the reading & final invoice. 

As the owner you are responsible for charges incurred at your property regardless of any payment arrangement you have with your landlord or tenant.

Tenants (domestic)

You do not need to contact us when you move in or out. The property owner or their authorised agent is responsible for giving us these details, unless you have agreed otherwise.

It is up to you and the property owner or landlord to discuss the water account. Your landlord can then advise us on:

  • who will pay the bill
  • how you will pay the bill
  • whether you  receive bills directly
  • whether you have authority to deal directly with us about the bill and usage.

Note: we cannot discuss an account with you if your landlord or agent has not given you authority.


Email [email protected] advising of a change of ownership and request a special meter reading. Please give us the following details:

  • old owners details
  • new owners details
  • account number (if known)
  • legal description
  • property address
  • settlement date or special meter read date (Note: meters are read Monday, Wednesday & Friday, excluding statutory holidays, and we require a minimum of 3 days' notice)
  • confirmation you are authorised to act on behalf of the account holder

Once the bills are generated, it is emailed to the solicitor, unless requested otherwise.

Note: there is a fee covering the reading, final invoice and account changes.

Get in Touch

Get in touch for more information. One of the Veolia team will be in touch shortly to assist however possible.