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Veolia's water network services provide comprehensive solutions including water network asset maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement to our clients.

For over 160 years, Veolia has provided best practice technology and all aspects of water network asset maintenance, rehabilitation and replacement to its clients. Backed by a global team, our local team of experts who specialise in the complete asset lifecycle management of water, wastewater and stormwater networks, are here to understand and solve your network asset management challenges with a quality, fit for purpose solution based on your requirements and budget. Drawing upon proven systems, global knowledge and resources enable us and our clients to make informed, effective Network Service decisions.



We're here to support you in achieving your future goals.

Our comprehensive and integrated network asset management offering means you'll be in good hands no matter what challenge you face, including:

  • Blockages
  • Leaks 
  • Pipeline deterioration and rehabilitation 
  • Extending asset lifespan


Veolia offers a customer

centric approach that covers all 

water network asset management aspects.

    Data Collection
    We can inspect your pipeline networks, drains and pits to assess their condition using the latest technologies.
    • Pre-Inspections for a fast and affordable method to assess the condition of an asset
    • Standard Inspection: A traditional CCTV inspection method using tractors
    • Advanced Inspection: Technology beyond visual inspection
    • Drone Surveys and Inspections
    • Sensing: The use of sound waves to to assess the condition of an asset
    Data analysis
    We use advanced analysis solutions (i.e AI) to extract value from collected data and help you make the best decisions to solve network asset problems before they occur.
    • Risk Assessment to identifying and assessing multiple risks impacting water network asset management and operations
    • Advanced Analysis: The cross-correlation of data from different sources, with the use of specialised Algorithms and AI engines to optimise information and predictive analysis. 
    • Modelling / Simulation: Forecasting  and visualising the behaviour of water network assets.
    We provide routine, periodic and emergency maintenance services to ensure your network performs at its best.
    • High pressure Water Jetting and Root Cutting
    • Vacuuming / Eduction trucks to remove waste from network assets 
    • Combination trucks for cleaning and vacuuming combined
    • Recycler Trucks for continuous recycling of the jetting water
    • De-sludging and clearing of Sewerage pump stations, Water reservoir, Lagoons, Sewerage treatment plants, Stormwater Quality Devices, Gross Pollute Traps
    • Flow Control Management using Bypass Pumping and/ or Tankers
    • Emergency Response Services
    We use a variety of trenchless rehabilitation techniques to extend the life of your water, wastewater and stormwater network assets.
    • Spot Repair, repairs a specific spot in sewer and stormwater pipelines
    • Relining: Repairs a longer length in sewer and stormwater pipelines
    • Coating: A specialised coating application that helps save pipelines from the damaging effects of corrosion.
    We provide strong expertise in the design, construction and replacement of your water & wastewater pipeline networks.
    • Trenching: the traditional method uses specialised equipment to dig out a trench to lay or replace a new pipe. 
    • Trenchless: a trenchless method that uses modern technology, to break and push out the old pipe while laying a new pipe in its place. This method does not require any digging and significantly reduces the disruption caused to the community and environment.

    Who are our customers?

    Australian water authorities, Local municipal councils, Industrial and commercial clients

    Benefits for our customers

    Maximise value for money

    Improve networks asset performance and extent asset life

    Minimise environmental impacts


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