Nickel, Lead & Zinc Solutions

Our nickel, lead and zinc solutions help you manage your water, energy, waste and overall facilities maintenance, whilst also helping you to retain profitability, secure supply and ensure long term sustainability through effective remediation and rehabilitation.

Australia has the world’s most significant economic resources share of nickel, with around 24 million tonnes. Similarly, across the globe Australia sits in the top three for zinc and lead, with exports totaling nearly A$5 billion annually.


Challenges for the Nickel, Lead & Zinc Industries

Our team of specialists can work with you on defining, understanding and overcoming many of the challenges of the nickel, zinc and lead industries, including:

  • Emerging economies and increasing market demand
  • Complex mining processes and technologies
  • Varying quality of materials
  • Increasing cost of extraction
  • Commodity pricing


Veolia's nickel, lead & zinc solutions

We can plug in to your business to help retain profitability, secure supply and ensure long term sustainability through effective remediation and rehabilitation.

  • Technical Innovation
    Veolia delivers technical innovations to assist nickel lead and zinc producers in managing their water, energy, waste and overall facilities maintenance. Whether through cutting-edge on site wastewater treatment facilities, utilising best practice waste and resource recovery technologies, or capitalising on energy usage technologies, we are able to assist in delivering these technical advancements; which in turn increase productivity, reduce man-hours, maintain operational health and safety, and most of all, free you up to focus on your core business.
  • Securing Supply
    Nickel, lead and zinc producers and exporters are increasingly facing challenges in ensuring they can extract and process their minerals. Veolia can assist you by delivering technical know-how, fleet and equipment, stringent process planning and experienced personnel to assist in cleaning and shutdowns of operations which ensure that equipment is running to, or better than capacity and that downtime is minimised. Asset management is also a valuable capability that we offer to ensure long-term viability of plant and process equipment.
  • Remediation and Rehabilitation
    Post-mine closures as well as the environmental legacy of mining activities has made the process of mine rehabilitation and site remediation a consideration for all nickel, lead and zinc producers. An example of successful rehabilitation can be seen in the beneficial reuse of the Woodlawn mine; a former copper, zinc and lead mine in NSW. We were able to convert the open-cut mine into a bioreactor landfill, whilst also utilising organics material to rehabilitate contaminated mining land.