What is Ecological Transformation?

Our purpose of Ecological Transformation is what underpins the sustainable services that we deliver to our customers every day. It drives us to achieve increasingly ambitious depollution, decarbonisation, and net zero targets.

What does Ecological Transformation mean? 

Ecological Transformation is at the heart of what we do at Veolia. We believe that the health of society and the environment is deeply connected, therefore 'Ecological Transformation' is the term we have chosen to encompass the mindset and behaviours that are necessary to interweaving economic, social, and environmental priorities. The Ecological Transformation framework places environmental protection at the forefront of our work so that our solutions are both ecologically and economically sustainable. 

What are the pillars that uphold Ecological Transformation?

There are four pillars that underpin the foundation of Ecological Transformation: 

  • Improving biodiversity
  • Decreasing pollution
  • Fighting climate change
  • Optimising resources


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