Liquid Waste Treatment, SA

NATA Accredited Laboratory and Liquid Facility

Using the most up-to-date processing technologies, Veolia treats the chemical and physical properties of liquid and hazardous waste so it can either be reused, or safely released to landfill or as wastewater.

All of Veolia treatment facilities within South Australia are supported by our Laboratory which is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA), ensuring we continually meet environmental and statutory requirements and industry best practice.  This laboratory supports all of our liquid and hazardous waste treatment facilities within the Kilburn and Wingfield regions of Adelaide.

Liquid and Hazardous waste management is a tightly regulated market requiring precision, experience and technical skills to meet industry and legislative requirements.  Our specialist services in South Australia range from comprehensive, reliable liquid and hazardous waste collection to analytical testing and the advanced treatment and recovery technologies and site registration.

To meet such diverse needs, Veolia offers a full treatment of liquid and hazardous waste in specialized facilities. Examples of just a few of the waste streams that are handled by these facilities include medical, cytotoxic, confidential, oily waters, solvents, waste oils, cooking oils, acids, alkalis, grease trap, paints, contaminated soils, and hydrocarbon contamination waste. 

Veolia's South Australian liquid waste processing facilities

  • Kilburn Liquid Treatment Plant
  • Murray Bridge Liquid Depot
  • Whyalla Liquid Depot

NATA Accredited Laboratory

Continually meet environmental and statutory requirements and industry best practice

Capacity to fully treat a wide variety of liquid and hazardous waste