Construction and Development Solutions

Our construction and demolition solutions include a wide range of waste management and resource recovery, water treatment, and energy solutions for end-of-life products. This means we are able to assist organisations to retain profitability and long-term sustainability.

Veolia works with many of Australia and New Zealand’s largest construction and demolition organisations, including: Boral, Hanson and Blue Circle Southern Cement. Our focus is on managing waste generated through the manufacturing process, and to recover as much viable materials as possible, whereby returning vast levels of construction material to secondary markets for reuse.

The residential and commercial building sectors in Australia, account for 23% of our national greenhouse gas emissions; and therefore have a major part to play in reducing the carbon footprint of this industry. Indirect greenhouse gas emissions primarily result from the production of construction materials, and via energy consumption and waste management practices. With various legislative changes, coupled with growing market drivers for sustainable procurement, the industry is making continued improvements to reduce its carbon liability, whilst striving to maintain profitability.

    Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA)

    For many years Veolia has been a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), and we actively work with commercial entities to help them achieve various green star ratings. Both commercial and residential construction and property organisations, as well as their suppliers, have achievable sustainability goals, and include greenhouse gas reductions as a key business principle.
    To help construction companies to further achieve their sustainability goals, Veolia owns and operates several facilities dedicated to construction and demolition waste, recovering materials like concrete, steel, wood and glass; and mitigating said materials from being landfilled.


    Veolia's construction and demolition solutions

    We understand the key challenges of the construction and demolition industry, namely resource depletion and sustainability and community engagement. Understanding these challenges, can allow us to plug-in to your business to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maximise efficiencies across all of your environmental processes and technologies, and ensure communities are being engaged to effectively minimise social impacts.

    Waste Management Solutions

    • Amalgamated plant services: including high pressure water jetting, vacuum loading, materials separation and recycling
    • Waste management and resource recovery including handling of process waste for recovery, general waste and recyclables, hazardous liquid waste collection (drums and tanker)
    • Facilities and civil maintenance including electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roof replacement, road and concrete repairs, painting and road sweeping
    • Refractory services including strip out, installation, commissioning and equipment and scaffolding services.
    • Collection and recovery of construction and demolition waste

    Energy Management Solutions

    • Preventative and corrective energy asset maintenance contracts
    • Installation, design, development and upgrading of energy systems and equipment, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
    • Managing energy performance of facilities and equipment
    • Reporting on clients energy usage and reductions
    • Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA’s) - enabling building owners to upgrade facilities using attractive financing structures to provide a cash-flow positive project, enabling energy, water or waste efficiency upgrades

    Water Management Solutions

    • Water and wastewater treatment plants to treat contaminated water for environmental discharge or reuse
    • Potable water systems
    • Refurbishments, upgrades and modifications of existing water treatment infrastructure for manufacturing plants and facilities
    • Containerised mobile units
    • Guaranteed operations and maintenance of water assets

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