Robotic Cleaning

Veolia is committed to delivering innovation through technology, and importantly, in technical solutions which improve efficiency and reduce risks – enter robotic cleaning – a safer, more cost-effective and time-efficient solution.

What is Robotic Cleaning?

In an industrial site, the importance of safely maintaining your equipment and facilities goes without saying. While manual labour was the go-to solution of the past, automated mechanical technology and robotic cleaning are the preferred solution, particularly for cleaning your industrial tanks or as a part of your site’s sludge management planning. Not only is it often a more cost-effective and time-efficient solution, but it minimises personnel exposure and eliminates or reduces the need for manned entry.

There are many options available in robotic cleaning, including manway cannons, hydraulic dozers, centrifuges and specialised pumps. However, when required, all manned entry is carried out under strict confined space and inert entry procedures, using the latest in safety and breathing apparatus.

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