General Waste

Efficient General Waste Collection & Disposal Services for businesses of all industries. Ensure your red bin waste is managed & treated effectively.

Top-Rated General Waste Solutions

Today, savvy business owners are looking for ways to reduce their waste management costs, without losing reliable service.

Unfortunately, many business owners are being let down by their waste management companies with late collections and overflowing bins, leaving an impact on the business. At Veolia, we partner with your business to understand your challenges and general waste needs to propose a solution to efficiently and responsibly collect, process, and recycle or dispose of your general waste, on schedule and at transparent prices.

General Waste Collection & Disposal Services

Veolia offers general waste collection, transfer and disposal services, and the details about which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.

Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment before selecting equipment and service schedules. This process ensures that you receive the best value from our services, optimising waste management efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your organisation.   

Where is Your General Waste Disposed Of?

While Veolia maintains that there is always room for improvement to reach optimal landfill diversion rates, we are doing our best to recover this stream within today’s economic restrictions, exemplified by our numerous best-practice facilities across the nation.

Learn more about our pioneering general waste management facilities, otherwise known as landfills, at the Woodlawn Bioreactor, the Woodlawn MBT and the Ti Tree Bioreactor.

We Service All Waste Streams

We are equipped to handle all your waste streams and provide tips, education, and training to keep your waste costs down.

Efficient & Reliable On Time Services

Our service network is Australia-wide, ensuring your waste is collected on time, when it suits you.

Clear Pricing With No Surprises

Enjoy peace of mind with a transparent pricing model encompassing just one rate review each year.

What is General Waste?

General waste, often referred to as "red bin waste," encompasses non-recyclable materials that are typically destined for landfills such as waxed cardboard, strapping ties, food containers and tissue paper. At Veolia, we understand the importance of responsible waste management in Australia and offer a range of comprehensive solutions to address your general waste needs.

What is Commonly Found in General Waste That Can be Recycled?

Did you know that some items commonly found in general waste can actually be recycled? We promote sustainable practices by educating consumers about recycling opportunities to assist our consumers who are unfamiliar with which streams belong in which bin. We have put some guidelines below pertaining to the recyclable streams that are most commonly found in our general waste bins:

  • White office paper - can be placed in blue paper/cardboard bins as long as it is uncontaminated
  • Clean cardboard - can be placed in blue paper/cardboard bins as long as it is uncontaminated
  • Aluminium cans - can be placed in yellow commingled bins
  • Glass bottles - can be placed in yellow commingled bins
  • Plastics - can be placed in yellow commingled bins. 


Our team of industry experts are here to support you and your business. We work alongside you to propel your sustainability efforts forward and achieve a common goal of Ecological Transformation.