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What are some environmental solutions we have offered cafes and restaurants?

The Muswellbrook District Workers Club (MDWC) is a major recreation centre servicing communities of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. The club also supports local charities, sporting and community groups, and provides meeting and function rooms for major events.  It also has an onsite cafe and restaurant for visitors.

In 2015, MDWC awarded Veolia an Energy Performance Contract (EPC) consisting of a comprehensive energy upgrade to its facilities with the aim of enhancing building comfort for its patrons while reducing environmental impacts.

Veolia designed and implemented a customised performance based solution, covering facility, capital and technology improvements to the MDWC. With guarantees provided on energy savings, Veolia delivered an energy asset upgrade that successfully reduced operating costs,  energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Through Veolia’s best practice EPC solution, the club achieved:

  • Reduction in Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions of 332.27 tonnes per year
  • Minimum energy reduction (electricity) of 209,000kWh per year
  • Solar PV electrical production of 146,000kWh per year
  • Reduction in diesel use of 4,666L per year
  • Reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of 249 tonnes per year.

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