Water Traceability Services

Achieve end-to-end water traceability for optimal efficiency. Veolia's water traceability solutions deliver comprehensive water management.

In order to achieve full water traceability, Veolia has developed an integrated approach based on extensive experience to combine and cross-reference all network data available: customer complaints, analysis results, road works, water quality data and modelling of the path taken by the water.

Keeping in mind an operator needs to monitor and understand what’s happening in different locations of the distribution network, Veolia developed the KAPTA™ 3000 AC4 water quality probe.

Why are water traceability services required?

Applied to drinking water supply, water traceability services are essential in understanding and monitoring the distribution system and in maintaining high standards of drinking water all the way to customers’ taps.

Despite the drinking water quality being very well controlled when leaving a treatment plant, what happens downstream in the distribution network is often difficult to track for operators with very limited information available in relation to the quality of water actually delivered to the customer.

What is KAPTA™ 3000 AC4, and how is it relevant to water traceability?

KAPTA™ 3000 AC4 enables us to continuously monitor the pressure, conductivity, chlorine and temperature of the drinking water throughout a distribution network. By instantly detecting changes in water quality commonly caused by leaks, pipe corrosion, equipment failure and biofouling effects, it helps identify these events and ensures high water quality is maintained in order to protect the customers’ health and safety.

Where has Veolia previously implemented water traceability services?

In Queensland, Veolia took a proactive approach to smart network management using KAPTA probes deployed on sensitive locations throughout the network.

The probes have been particularly useful for understanding how the different sources of water blend together within the network. Due to its predictive nature, the probes have provided early warning on network breakages and other network related issues. With probes strategically placed throughout the operators’ network, the capability prevented a boil alert that ensured the right amount of chlorine existed downstream of a failure.

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