Veolia’s global and long-standing expertise in resource recovery allows for the implementation of best-practice technologies for sustainable waste management.

For governments, local councils and businesses alike, managing waste is more important than ever. From plastics, paper, metals and cardboard – often regarded as rubbish – to wasted resources such as water and energy, the focus is now on turning them into something useful. This is what Veolia does best.

Our solutions meet evolving community needs, reducing environmental impacts through efficiency, research and innovation. We contribute to and engage with the communities where we operate and live.

Engineered landfills

There will always be a need to dispose of residual waste and the disposal of this material must be handled with maximum care and attention. Veolia runs a comprehensive network of easily accessible landfill sites across Australia to support its collection business activities and recovery facilities. With a wide range of wastes accepted at our sites, combined with extensive capacity, Veolia can provide an effective solution for our clients' disposal requirements. Each Veolia landfill is managed to the highest environmental standards, with strict adherence to the relevant legislation and Environment Agency guidelines, enabling us to fulfil our customer’s own quality and environmental requirements.