Hotels have to optimise the management of their buildings whilst ensuring impeccable service, which includes having a robust asset management program in place to guarantee utility availability and a high-quality customer experience.


What are some environmental solutions we have offered to hotels?

As an ASX 100 listed company that owns and operates a number of casinos and hotels throughout Australia, this group established a five year "Environment and Sustainability Strategy and Framework" for its casinos and hotels, comprised of six key focus areas with strategies to deliver supported by annual objectives.

In addition to collecting their general waste, Veolia collects, transports and recycles the following streams for the group:

  • Commingle
  • Paper & cardboard
  • Food organics
  • Glass (including fluorescent tubes)
  • Liquid waste.

Since the implementation of Veolia’s waste and recycling services, and moreover the “Getting Wise about Waste” educational system, there have been some exciting results achieved by the group in relation to increased recycling rates.

Veolia has also rolled out a number of value added waste management improvements for the group such as:

  • Improved organics waste management process that includes the implementation of a new bulk compactor
  • Recycling of additional waste streams including coffee grounds
  • Introduction of commingled bins in public spaces to further improve recycling
  • Unique colour-coded bin signage system
  • The introduction of recycling at the group’s offsite warehouse.

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