Hazardous Waste Service Delivery

Veolia account representatives will evaluate your current hazardous waste volumes, area & equipment to accurately create tailored solutions suited to your needs.

To ensure we design the most suitable waste solution for your needs, Veolia offers site waste assessments, where our account representative can visit your location and evaluate your current waste volumes, waste area and your bins and equipment being used.  

Once we have an objective understanding of your needs, we will then tailor a service delivery schedule that is in line with your volumes, business hours and more to ensure minimal disruption to your day-to-day operations.

With our end-to-end solution, professional advisory services and specialist technical staff, our hazardous waste service reduces your compliance risk, minimises your regulatory burden and protects your employee health and safety.  

Why choose Veolia for your waste service delivery?

  • Always Safe practices
    Above all, Veolia places compliance across health, safety, environment and quality as the most important aspect of our service delivery, ensuring everyone’s safety at all times.
  • Easy contract model and transparent pricing
    Veolia has has a structured pricing management structure, which ensures you are entering a fair service delivery contract at all times.  Note the type of contract offered will highly depend on your business size, in addition to government guidelines.
  • Our dedicated customer service team and account management
    Our customer service team can process all of your day-to-day requests, while our account representatives and managers are available to answer any questions you may have in relation to your broader service delivery, landfill diversion, environmental reporting and other strategic questions or concerns.
  • ​Accurate financial and environmental reporting
    In order to remain compliant in our service delivery and operations, Veolia is obligated to track all waste forms from collection to disposal.
  • Sorting education and training
    We offer a number of different educational toolkits as well as face-to-face training as part of our regular service delivery to ensure you and your stakeholders know which stream to place in which bin.
  • Safe and best-practice equipment
    Veolia has an equipment team within all of our service delivery hubs, and this team is responsible for planned and unscheduled maintenance of all of Veolia’s waste collection fleet and equipment.

Contact us today to learn more about Veolia’s hazardous waste service delivery model.