Veolia Waste Management Fleet

With over 700 waste management vehicles in our fleet, you can trust that Veolia has the right waste disposal truck for your needs


With a fleet of over 700 collection vehicles nationwide, we're confident that we have the perfect truck to meet your specific needs.

Our diverse fleet is designed to access any site and collect a wide range of waste streams. Regardless of your sector or industry, our waste management fleet is equipped to handle your waste management requirements.

Before offering our services, we will conduct a thorough site waste assessment, including a safety evaluation and site access review to recommend a vehicle that efficiently meets your needs. For more information on our vehicle specifications and to discuss your specific requirements, please reach out to your local fleet manager

  • Front Lift Vehicle
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    • Suitable for commercial and industrial waste collections, where the pick-up site has enough room outside to allow access
    • Collection of 1.5, 3.0 & 4.5 cubic meter bins
    • Collected via the front of vehicle 
    • Equipped with weighing systems which allow for accurate and reliable weighing of every bin emptied
  • Rear Lift Vehicle
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    • Suitable for commercial waste collection, where the pick-up site has limited access or space, such as alleyways or lanes
    • Collection of 120, 240, 660 and  1100 litre bins.
    • Collected via the rear of the truck 
  • Side Lift Vehicle
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    • Predominantly used for municipal waste and recycling collections
    • Collection of 120 and  240 litre bins.
    • Equipped with a claw on the side to lift the container and empty into the truck.
  • Skip Bulk Vehicle
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    • Suitable for heavy waste materials 
    • Collection of skip bins from 2 up to 6 cubic metre and marrell bins from 6 up to 15 cubic metres
    • The truck is strong and versatile, equipped with a hydraulic arm to load and unload the bin
  • Hook Bin Vehicle
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    • Suitable for  removal of large waste volumes and where there are no access issues to the site.
    • Collection of hook bins ranging from 10 to 35 cubic metres 
    • The truck loads and unloads the heavy-duty bins with a hydraulic hook operated by the driver
  • Liquid Tankers & Vacuum Loading
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    • Liquid tankers are used to service liquid and hazardous waste customers
    • Vacuum trucks are ideal for the collection of grease traps, oily water, sludge, contaminated water, septic waste, stormwater, leachate, drill water or dangerous goods
    • All mobile vacuum loading units are equipped with emergency spill kits and procedures, and operatives have been subject to extensive in-house training on procedures, checks and environmental responsibility
  • Pantech Trucks & Medical Vans
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    • Pantech Trucks are EPA Licenced transport vehicles used for specialised collection and transport of medical, clinical and confidential bins under EPA guidelines
    • Used to collect and transport secure documents for destruction
    • The truck loads and unloads packaged waste with a tailgate lifter into the back of the truck, ensuring discrete transport of these waste streams
    • Bins are exchanged at collection.
    • Medical vans are used for specialised collection and transport of medical waste in compliance with health, safety and environmental regulations
    • Used to collect smaller quantities of medical, clinical and sanitary waste and where the pick-up site has limited access or space.
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