The hospitality industry incorporates a range of entertainment facilities, including restaurants, catering facilities, gaming venues, concerts, cinemas, RSLs and sporting facilities.


What are some environmental solutions we have offered to the hospitality sector?

As the world’s largest hotel and tourism service company with more than 3,800 hotels in 92 countries, this hotel group owns, manages and franchises more than 150 hotels that consist of leading brands well-known all across Australia and New Zealand. As part of its sustainability development program, the group made 21 commitments to reduce its environmental footprint around the world. With this in mind, the group required a supplier to help achieve these commitments and to help improve energy performance outcomes for its hotels throughout Australia.

As part of our services, Veolia offers:

  • General mechanical services, HVAC maintenance services and upgrade works, which include:
              Asset management utilising the client’s asset management system
              Identifying and implementing new energy efficiency solutions in line with their existing sustainable development program
  • Waste collection, transport and disposal/recycling for the following streams:
              - General waste
              - Paper and cardboard
              - Glass
              - Plastics (shampoo and conditioner bottles)
              - Food organics
              - Liquid waste
              - Other waste streams collection and treatment including wax cardboard recycling.

With the objective of closing ‘material loops’ for products used by the hotel chain, Veolia has delivered a number of technology solutions that have improved recovery rates for its major sites. This includes the implementation of depackaging units, cardboard balers, glass crushers and organic processing units.

In addition to reducing GHG emissions and improving landfill diversion rates, the materials recycled have delivered ongoing financial rebates for the hotel chain.

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