Acting and committing to ecological transformation

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Our ambition is huge, but so is our determination

Never have environmental concerns been so instantly visible, or their consequences for our societies so real to people. In becoming the benchmark company for ecological transformation, Veolia is committing to accelerating and expanding the deployment of existing solutions, while simultaneously creating the solutions of tomorrow. We are moving forward hand-in-hand with our stakeholders, convinced that economic, social and environmental challenges must form an indivisible whole.


Ecological transformation means adaptingimproving, and prioritising sustainable patterns of production and consumption. It means placing ecology at the forefront of our processes, solutions, and most importantly our mindset.

 Veolia is continuously working to develop and improve both new and existing solutions in an attempt to provide radical solutions to major problems, with and for its stakeholders: local authorities, manufacturers, industry, civil society and our employees.



The four pillars of ecological transformation form a foundation upon which our society can build and develop.  We cannot delay any longer and hope to change our methods gradually. It is time for decisive, structuring choices. It is time for ecological transformation.


Improving Biodiversity

Biodiversity is more than a buzzword; it's a lifeline for our planet. At Veolia, we are resolute in changing our consumption patterns and making ecology integral to every facet of our operations. Protecting biodiversity is not just a priority; it's our obligation.

Decreasing Pollution

Our natural environment is under constant siege from harmful pollutants. Whether it's water, waste, or energy, we understand the importance of managing these resources effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. Pollution reduction isn't an option; it's a necessity.

Fighting Climate Change

Climate change's effects are visible and undeniable. We can't afford to delay action any longer. Our commitment to combating climate change is resolute, driven by a profound sense of urgency. Together, we must protect and restore our plane

Optimising Resources

The pressures on our natural resources are pushing them to the brink. Veolia believes in taking immediate action to replenish and renew our resources, reduce our dependence, and develop sophisticated, sustainable solutions for a resource-scarce world.



Measuring Our Progress Toward a Sustainable Future.

The first edition of the Ecological Transformation Barometer was conducted by Veolia in partnership with the research and consulting firm Elabe, using a sample covering more than half the world's population.

A global survey was conducted across 25 countries, spread over 5 continents, to find out if we are ready to accept the social, economic, and cultural changes necessary to take action and face the environmental emergency.





Our Purpose is Ecological Transformation