Coal Solutions

Our coal solutions not only help you to manage your water, energy, waste and overall facilities maintenance needs, but also help you to maintain operational efficiency and reduce your environmental impact.


Challenges of the Coal Industry

Black coal is Australia’s second-highest export commodity and Australia is the world’s leading coal exporter. From coal exploration and its mining, through to coal processing and exporting, we can help you overcome challenges unique to your coal industry operations, including:

  • High cost-base
  • Stringent and difficult regulatory systems
  • Regional locations - remoteness
  • Slowing production capability
  • Stringent environmental compliance


Environmental solutions for the coal industry 

Veolia will plug in to your business to help retain profitability whilst reducing environmental impact and improve sustainability performance:

  • Technical Innovation
    Through the delivery of bespoke technical solutions, and reduced reliance on manual handling, Veolia is able to reduce downtime, whilst also improving productivity. Our aim is to work with customers in the coal industry to reduce their cost per tonne of production. The use of automation, robotic cleaning and other technologies help to expedite processes and reduce downtime, whilst adhering to the highest levels of occupational health and safety.
  • Energy Management
    Mining and production of coal is largely energy intensive. Through the delivery of energy assessment and subsequent management, Veolia's energy division Dalkia, are able to look at suitable solutions for energy reduction, as well as delivery of low-emission alternatives.
  • Geographical Access
    Coal mining and processing facilities are largely present in remote and regional locations. In Australia, Veolia operates across some 120 locations, many of which are located in in close proximity to coal mining hubs. This enables Veolia to deliver services expediently, whilst reducing transport and operational costs for clients.