Community Development

We are committed to engaging effectively with the community, delivering focussed programs that provide the public with transparency, education and support. We want to maintain an open dialog with all community stakeholders so as to ensure we are working in collaboration.

Community Consultation

 At Veolia we ensure thorough community and stakeholder engagement throughout all aspects of our operations. When we are looking at developing infrastructure and or community initiatives, we will make them publicly available so as to ensure there is an openess to our plans, whilst also ensuring that the community feel they can communicate with us effectively. Below, please find information on some major infrastructure projects we are currently working on in partnership with local communities.


Located near Goulburn in NSW, Woodlawn was once the site of an open cut mine which yielded reserves of zinc, copper and lead. Today, the old mine has been converted into one of the world’s largest purpose-built and deepest bioreactor landfills.
Using proven technologies and best practices from around the world, the Woodlawn bioreactor is a testament to successfully working with the local community to deliver a collaborative approach which benefits the interests of the community, the environment and industry.

Banksmeadow Transfer Terminal

Veolia is developed a transfer terminal at Banksmeadow, which is capable of processing 500,000 tonnes of hard waste, commercial and residential waste per year and sending appropriate waste streams to Woodlawn and to Camellia for processing.
Throughout development, we worked with local communities to ascertain the positive and any negative impacts which the facility will have on the area. Our purpose is to develop world class facilities which aid resource recovery, but which do so in such a way as to significantly improve the lives and environment of the communities within the Goulburn Mulwaree Shire and surrounding regions.
Learn more about our Banksmeadow Transfer Terminal here. 

Camellia Recycling Centre

Veolia is proposing to build on our resource recovery capabilities by redeveloping the Camellia Recycling Centre to also process mixed non-putrescible waste (i.e. no food waste). The proposed Camellia Recycling Centre would support the NSW Government’s targets in waste avoidance for Commercial and Industrial waste and lead to better outcomes for the environment through increased resource recovery and decreased waste to landfill.
Learn more about our Camellia Recycling Centre here. 


In support of both the Northern Territory and Federal Government’s initiative to achieve greater outcomes for our local environment through increased resource recovery and diversion from landfill, Veolia operates a mixed recycling and autoclave facility at Beaton Rd, the latter of which is capable of effectively treating quarantined waste from heavy industry.
Learn more about Berrimah here.