Contract Asset Renewal Management System (CARMS)

Utilise Veolia CARMS to limit expenditure on asset replacement & refurbishment, minimise operational risks & remain cost-effective.

To manage the expenditure on asset replacement and refurbishment, and ensure that they are planned in such a way as to minimise operational risks while remaining cost-effective, Veolia uses CARMS.

Currently employed at a number of sites, the CARMS is a decision support system (DSS) that combines a structured process with a simple user interface for developing and managing the asset renewal program.

The tool allows operations to maintain up-to-date renewal cost models, which are easy to calibrate annually and prioritise on the basis of risk.

Why is a Contract Asset Renewal Management System necessary for operations?

The long term renewal forecasts are important, in that they allow the organisation that bears funding responsibility to ensure there is sufficient provision in future years. This is especially relevant for operations with ageing infrastructure, when deterioration and obsolescence can combine to create expensive demands for investment.

Implemented across numerous operations in Australia and New Zealand, CARMS enables our clients to clearly understand the state of their assets and the work needed to ensure service levels are never compromised.  It also helps us track and report past expenditure, as well as prepare future budgets and long term models.

Note CARMS has been designed in such a way as to accommodate plants in which the assets are to be handed over at the end of the Contract Term, ensuring our clients are well-equipped at all times.

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