Dry Mixed Recycling Services

Recycle your mixed dry waste, such as wood pieces, plastics & textiles that are commonly used in manufacturing plants & industrial environments.

Mixed dry waste such as wood pieces, plastics and textiles that are not contaminated with food or other organics can be recycled and are most commonly used in manufacturing plants and industrial environments.

What is Veolia’s offering?

Veolia offers collection, transfer and disposal services for this stream, and the details around which equipment would be best suited to your needs can be found here.


Veolia advises all clients to undergo a site waste assessment prior to their selection of equipment and schedules to receive best value for our services.

When is dry recycling a viable option?

Dry recycling is most relevant to clients who do not produce enough tonnages of one specific recyclable material such as plastics to warrant a separate bin.  This ensures separation from general waste and landfill diversion.

Once collected, Veolia or one of our sorting partners will manually separate this dry recycling into viable streams that will enable reuse.  An example of this act may be separating the non-ferrous metals, which contain minimal iron and refer to materials such as aluminium and copper, from plastics and sending it to our metals recycling partner for reuse in their manufacturing processes.  

Want to know more about where your dry recyclables go?

Learn more about what we can produce with your recyclables by visiting sorting and recycling centre page today.