Vacuum Loading

Technically Advanced. EPA/DEC Compliant. At Veolia we have a vast array of technical advanced, self-contained vacuum loading equipment and trucks, capable of cleaning your site effectively and efficiently, whether it is an emergency or routine maintenance. These trucks range in capacity from 10 cubic metres to 18 cubic metres.

Our vaccum loading techniques include positive displacement and liquid ring vacuum pumps; which are designed for efficient and safe removal of dusts, solids and liquids from confined spaces and pits. These techniques and solutions benefit your organisation with the removal of debris and waste materials from the bottom of lagoons, ponds and pits without taking surface material.

Ensuring environmental compliance

At Veolia we will treat and dispose waste as per EPA/DEC requirements and procedures for prescribed/controlled waste with appropriately licensed and compliant vehicles and drivers, utilising the prescribed / controlled waste tracking system as per EPA/DEC requirements.

In general materials/waste will be disposed:

  • As per EPA/DEC requirements and procedures for all waste types including prescribed/controlled waste;
  • On customer premises; if this is not possible/suitable then controlled waste will be disposed / treated at a controlled waste facility as per EPA/DEC regulatory requirements;
  • Other wastes will be handled in accordance with EPA/DFEC requirements or available treatment / disposal locations.

All mobile vacuum loading units are equipped with emergency spill kits and procedures, operatives have been subject to extensive in-house training on procedures, checks and environmental responsibility.

Common vacuum loading applications:

  • Cooling tower desludging
  • Bag house dust collection
  • Sand filter reloading
  • Skimmer pumps
  • Stock spills
  • Furnace cleans
  • Catalyst handling
  • Tank cleaning
  • Tower and column packings
  • Clean-ups
  • Filtrate tanks
  • Efficient treatment digestors
  • Emergency response
  • Precipitator cleaning
  • Culvert cleaning