Retail Property Solutions

Veolia works closely with those engaged in the leasing of retail property, to develop sustainable and innovative solutions across water and wastewater treatment, waste management and resource recovery, and energy solutions.

Our team of specialists can deliver efficient and holistic services, helping to overcome many of the challenges that you face in the retail industry including:

  • Demand from retail trade
  • 10 year bond rate
  • Consumer sentiment index
  • Total time available for leisure and recreation
  • Business confidence index
  • Demand from online shopping
  • declining commodity prices
  • instability across currency exchange
  • Employment and skills management
  • regulatory environment
  • Tightening capital markets and facilities
  • High costs of doing business in Australia
  • Government funding and support
  • Community and stakeholder engagement


Spotlight on Energy for Retail

Retail, Hotels and Leisure facilities receive a constant flow of customers and visitors who must be offered maximum comfort, a warm reception, impeccable cleanliness and a wide range of services. Veolia leverages a portfolio of deep technical skills to keep these sites attractive and inviting, notably through our specific expertise in optimizing floor space in stores.
Veolia serves the full range of businesses involved in Retail, Hotels and Leisure businesses including:

  • Retailers
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels and Restaurants
  • Arenas and Stadiums
  • Convention Centers
  • Museums
  • Tourist Destinations
  • Sports and Recreation facilities
  • Swimming pools

Veolia manages HVAC and smoke extraction systems, plumbing and hot water supply, generators, elevators, scoreboards, gates and grilles and much more. Large public complexes such as swimming pools, sports and recreation centres leverage our expertise to maintain a comfortable, safe and efficient environment.


Veolia's retail solutions

By understanding your unique KPI’s, we can plug-in water, energy and waste management solutions to your business, to help you reinvigorate performance, efficiency and innovation.

    Retail Waste Management

    • Waste management and resource recovery, including handling of process waste for recovery, general waste and recyclables, hazardous liquid and sludge waste collection
    • Site assessments, including NABERS Audit
    • Greenfield design/ development of waste/recycling facilities
    • Service re-engineering – collection systems, on-site processing
    • Assistance in planning and approvals
    • Product destruction
    • Training and education
    • Environmental and efficiency reporting

    Retail Energy Management

    • Preventative and corrective energy asset maintenance contracts
    • Installation, design, development and upgrading of energy systems and equipment, including heating, ventilation and air-conditioning
    • Managing energy performance of facilities and equipment
    • Reporting on clients energy usage and reductions
    • Environmental Upgrade Agreements (EUA’s) - enabling building owners to upgrade facilities using attractive financing structures to provide a cash-flow positive project, enabling energy, water or waste efficiency upgrades

    Retail Water Management

    • Water and wastewater treatment plants to treat contaminated water for environmental discharge or reuse
    • Potable water systems
    • Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)
    • Refurbishments, upgrades and modifications of existing water treatment plants for manufacturing plants and facilities
    • Containerised mobile units
    • Guaranteed operations and maintenance of water assets water management
    • Cooling tower operations and maintenance
    • Hydrex Specialty Water Chemicals

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