ENERGY MANAGEMENT - Muswellbrook District Workers Club

The challenge

The Muswellbrook District Workers Club (MDWC) is a major recreation centre servicing communities of the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. The club also supports local charities, sporting and community groups, and provides meeting and function rooms for major events. The MDWC required a solution that would support them to become more energy efficient while maintaining a high standard of comfort for its members and guests, Veolia had the solution to match.


Veolia's Solution

In 2015, the MDWC awarded Veolia an Energy Performance Contract (EPC), consisting of a comprehensive energy upgrade to its facilities, to reduce environmental impacts, and enhance comfort for its patrons.

Veolia’s customised solution included an upgrade to energy assets, including the installation of a solar photovoltaic system, efficiency upgrades to the HVAC system, replacement of the diesel fired hot water boiler with a more efficient LPG boiler, full lighting upgrade with LED lamps, and a new building management control system to further improve environmental conditions for patrons, and reduce energy consumption.

The solution reduced operating costs, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions – saving the club thousands in energy bills.


Benefits to our client

  • Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 332.27 tonnes per year
  • Minimum energy reduction in electricity of 209,000 kWh per year
  • Solar PV electrical production of 146,000 kWh per year
  • Reduction in diesel use of 4,666L per year
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions of 249 tonnes per year.

EPC including HVAC upgrade, Solar PV and LED lighting

332 tonnes reduction in GHG emissions per year

Guaranteed energy reduction of 209,000kWh per year